Elon Musk to Apple after investment freeze: “Fuck yourself”

Earlier this month, Apple and several other companies decided to stop advertising on X due to anti-Semitic behavior on the part of the platform and its boss. Elon Musk has now responded directly to these companies with a pretty clear and vulgar message: “Fuck yourself.”

Apple’s decision on this Block ads on X came in response to Elon Musk’s anti-Semitic posts on the platform, as well as reports that the company’s ads were running alongside far-right conspiracy theories and anti-Semitic content. In addition to Apple, companies such as Disney, IBM, Comcast, Paramount and others have also stopped advertising on X.

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Musk’s comments came today during an interview with Andrew Ross Sorkin at the New York Times DealBook Summit. Before Sorkin even finished his question about companies pausing advertising on X, Musk chimed in:

I hope they stop. Don’t advertise. If someone tries to blackmail me with advertising, blackmail me with money… go fuck yourself. Go fuck yourself. It’s clear?

Disney CEO Bob Iger was so much in the crowd at DealBook that Musk intentionally made eye contact with him and cheerfully said, “Hello, Bob!”

Musk then added that this advertising boycott ultimately led to the death of

So far, over 100 brands have followed Apple’s lead and stopped advertising on X. The company’s internal metrics estimate this could result in lost revenue of more than $75 million.

Apple is keeping quiet about the future of its advertising plans for X and we don’t know how long this “break” will last.


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