Huawei Nova 12 Ultra, 5G and Kirin chip confirmed

The Huawei Nova 12 Ultra will feature a Kirin 5G platform, likely an underclocked version of the Kirin 9000s that promises top-notch performance.

There have been several rumors about the Nova 12 series recently. There was talk of the presence of a chip with 5G connectivity and premium features that would highlight the mid-range line in the market. New information about the Huawei Nova 12 Ultra was also recently leaked; In addition to showing the rear design through rendering, the discussion about the presence of a Kirin chip has been fueled again. Now the Huawei Nova 12 Ultra, codenamed ADA-AL00U, has received certification as a 5G smartphone, confirming that it will feature a Kirin 5G platform.

According to our findings, the Kirin 5G chip that powers the Nova 12 Ultra is an underclocked version of the Kirin 9000s. The frequency of the high-performance cores has been reduced by 0.13 GHz and the configurations have one 2.49 GHz core, three 2.15 GHz cores and four 1.53 GHz cores, while the Maliang 910 GPU remains unchanged remains. Users will most likely not notice these differences in everyday use.

The presence of a 5G chip in the Nova series is undoubtedly interesting and promises to be an important factor in the sales of Huawei, which promises to launch a device equipped with some premium features, but at a affordable price, which is typical for a mid-range device. This is particularly practical and attractive for the consumer.

It is worth mentioning that the Huawei Nova 11 series also introduced the Ultra model with some of the premium features of the Huawei P and Mate series, such as two-way satellite communication. The Nova 12 Ultra seems destined to follow in its footsteps.

The Huawei Nova 12 series is said to include the Nova 12 Pro in addition to the base model and the Ultra model. Given the certifications received, it is likely that the launch could take place in December. If this is the case, more certifications and leaks will certainly arrive in the next few days that will bring new details about the devices.

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