Threads could land in Europe to take advantage of X’s difficulties

subjectsthe platform created by Half To compete directly with Twitter, it could arrive in the European Union as early as this month December 2023to capitalize as much as possible on the recent difficulties it is facing X by Elon Musk; We find out from a report just published by Wall Street Journalwhich does not fail to explain the reasons for such a long wait and evaluate the possible impact of this extension on the user base currently active on Threads.

Threads in the EU already in December? The time would be ripe

Our most attentive readers will certainly remember the platform subjects it officially launched last July as a sort of extension of Instagram; However, this initial phase of introduction did not include the European market due to necessity Half to meet the requirements of the EU law on digital markets; If initially it was possible to overcome the initial exclusion by installing it manually a few days later Half had blocked threads for European users. Well, a few months later – as reported by the Wall Street Journalwhich refers to well-informed people – Mark Zuckerberg’s company would be ready to bring Threads to the EU: according to our information, the official launch could take place as early as December, i.e. shortly before the end of 2023.

From what we have read, to achieve this result, Meta would have agreed to a far from trivial condition demanded by the Community authorities: allowing EU users to do so View thread content even without a profile, although social platforms usually require registration in order to use the content published there. Also convincing to the EU was Meta’s recent move to separate Threads from Facebook and Instagram and offer its users the ability to delete their Threads account without touching their Instagram account. Back to the rivalry with X (ex Twitter), it is worth remembering that, unlike Musk’s platform, Threads allows editing published posts without having to pay for it privilege.

The WSJ report continues to analyze the impact that joining the EU could have on Threads’ numbers: According to independent analyst Debra Aho Williamson, Threads, which currently has – according to Meta’s Q3 2023 data – just under 100 million monthly active users up to 40 million new users will be acquired, representing an impressive growth of 40%. Of course, these numbers don’t tell the whole story: a previous report highlighted that Threads had lost up to half of its users a month after launch; Furthermore, the said growth assumes a similar adoption rate among European users as among US users, but there are no guarantees in this sense.

Threads against X: Will Zuckerberg take advantage of Musk’s difficulties?

A European launch of Threads in December 2023 would undoubtedly also be important at a strategic level, as it would provide Meta with an excellent opportunity to overcome the recent difficulties of its main competitor.

You’ve probably heard about it in the last few weeks Accusations of anti-Semitism is taking action against Musk because a reply to a post published on X; Following the decision of many large companies to stop advertising on the platform, the entrepreneur added fuel to the fire by lashing out against them.

In short, Musk revolutionized X/Twitter, but his controversial decisions and publications cause the platform to suffer is not in the best of health. And now all these difficulties could provide a springboard for threads.

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