The new Amazon Alexa app focuses on the smart home

In addition to setting up Echo speakers and managing service integrations, the Amazon Alexa app for iOS is also a smart home controller, similar to Apple’s Home app. Amazon has decided to bring this feature to the forefront with the launch of the new app update. There’s also a new smart home mapping feature available exclusively for iOS devices.

There Redesign of the Amazon Alexa app Start with one new shortcut bar on the homepage. This new bar organizes devices by category and shows popular Alexa features like shopping lists, alarms, and routines. You can customize what you see in the rotating carousel at the top of the home page. You can now also see the status of your connected devices directly from your shortcuts, e.g. B. how many lights are on or what the temperature is in your living room. These device status updates are available if you have 20 or fewer devices and will be expanded to customers with additional devices in the coming months.

Amazon iOS
Amazon has also updated Activity sheets for timers and other time-related information with a new stack design, added Ring Protect camera snapshots to favorites, and made Alexa chat accessible from one location in the app.

Amazon has introduced a new feature in preview for iPhone users Spatial mapping. This feature uses the LiDAR scanner on iPhones and iPads with this hardware:

Room Mapping allows you to scan and create a digital version of your home floor plan using a compatible iOS device, then add your connected devices. This allows you to see your home at a glance and quickly access and control smart home devices without having to scroll through device lists, remember device names, or open multiple apps. The feature is available in preview for select customers in the US.

The update will be available to everyone soon in the App Store.


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