iAnyGo: the software to change GPS location

iAnyGo is Tenorshare’s software for changing GPS location on iPhone and Android smartphones. The software is particularly useful for playing titles like Pokémon GO right from the sofa, but it can also be useful for correcting any GPS location errors built into the iPhone.

This software allows users to change the GPS location of their iPhone and doesn’t require any jailbreak or impactful changes.

iAnyGo only supported iPhone in the previous version, but Tenorshare made iAnyGo available for Android smartphones from the current version, while offering almost all the features of iAnyGo on Android for free.

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Inside, different options are available to change the location according to personal needs:

  • GPS joystick: for fully manual position management iAnyGo 5
  • Two points: To set a route between a starting point and a destination to move around automatically
  • Multipoints: The operational logic is similar to that seen previously, but with one more point to move to

It’s a great way to play GPS location-based video games like Pokémon GO right from the couch, or if you live in rural areas and don’t have any nearby attractions. Anyone who has played or is playing Pokémon GO knows well the disadvantages of playing outside of the major population centers.

Furthermore, it is possible to use this software to change location on social apps, maybe to prank a friend or to get more matches on dating apps in anticipation of traveling to a certain destination soon. Again, the software allows you to drag the speed bar to set the speed of movement of the GPS.

Ultimately, it is possible to correct any position errors caused by bugs or hardware problems of the smartphone used, in order to establish the correct position and make the most of the systems used, such as weather, news and services.

As Tenorshare also claims, this product clearly aims to help users change GPS location on iOS devices. Comercial use is not allowed. The user assumes the legal responsibility if the use of this product violates the law.

software can be downloaded from Tenorshare official website in the version for Windows and Mac with a monthly, annual or lifetime license. The prices are €14.99, €49.99 and €89.99 (excluding taxes) respectively. There is also a version with a quarterly license priced at €24.99, also excluding taxes.

Article in collaboration with Tenorshare.

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