Amazon introduces the new Echo Pop: a compact and adorable connected speaker

Despite the critical issues, Amazon has unveiled new devices for its Echo range. Among them is a connected speaker called the Amazon Echo Pop. In itself, this product is not a revolutionary innovation, but a new, more compact and attractive format that fits discreetly into any room in the house.

The manufacturer issued a press release showing the shape of the Amazon Echo Pop as a unit “lovely hemisphere” Take advantage of the new colors: lavender and duck green.

As far as the sound is concerned, we are promised a sound that remains full despite the small format. Of particular note is Amazon “a custom designed front directional diffuser”. The American giant also recommends using its Echo Pop in bedrooms or “Every other small room in the house”.

Of course, the voice assistant that controls the speaker remains Amazon Alexa and you can interact with it as you normally do with other devices in the range. You can ask to read audiobooks, play music, control connected objects around the house, etc. Finally, it’s worth remembering that Amazon took a huge step forward in launching Matter and Thread, and this speaker is no exception to this great initiative should be.

An attractive price

The Amazon Echo Pop is announced in Italy at the recommended price of 54.99 euros. It is already available on the Amazon Italy website. This is a pretty competitive price. In comparison, the Amazon Echo Show 5 presented at the same time is displayed at over 100 euros.

Coming back to the Echo Pop, also note that there are covers for the speaker that come in a wider range of colors (blue, orange, red, gray, lilac, lilac, and phosphorescent). They are sold for 32.99 euros.

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