Android 14 Beta 1: Lots of interesting news coming soon

The new features of Android 14 Beta 1: better PIN privacy, transparent navigation bar, new “Background and Style” options and many other innovations.

The new Beta 1 of Android 14, Google’s next-gen operating system, introduced several notable innovations, many of which were spotted by community users who installed it on their Pixel devices or Android Studio emulators.

One of the first innovations is the function “Extended PIN data protection” This improves user privacy when unlocking the device by entering the PIN code, provides some options to hide user input, and minimizes the possibility of showing the entered code.

Another important innovation concerns the transparent navigation bar, which offers better graphic consistency and solves some problems that were manifested in apps that only have a light theme or a dark theme that is not black.

The app “Background and Style” received two new interesting features. Now you can set two different live wallpapers for your home screen and lock screen as well as the theme “monochrome” for the You material it has been hidden but is still present in the build.

In addition, Android 14 Beta 1 brings or introduces some changes and innovations in the system settings, such as: B. Separate volume sliders for call and notification ringtones, and a confirmation prompt for changing the default system language, as well as changes to permissions pop-ups.

Some of the other minor changes that may not roll out to all devices include the ability to clone apps, a new cloned apps badge, and a new Bluetooth LE switch.

However, it should be noted that some of the features present in the Android 14 preview may be discarded in the future or have certain hardware limitations. However, the new Beta 1 seems to indicate that Google’s next-gen operating system is really taking shape with numerous improvements and useful user experience features.

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