Galaxy Watch 6 will be even more comfortable to use

Alessandro Nodari

The race for progress on this matter continues Galaxy Watch 6the eagerly awaited one smart watches From Samsung she couldn’t score just one series novelty compared to predecessorbut also some welcome ones come back.

On the front of Novelty, the latest news speaks of one Screen greater, reduced frames And Performance improved with a new one processorwhile other confirmations regarding the return of the arrive rotating bezel.

New Exynos W980 processor

The site SamMobile It’s for sure: your sources have confirmed that Samsung’s new smartwatch will feature the new processor Exynos W980, which will provide more user experience fast and better Performance generals.

Compared to the chip Exynos W920 mounted in series Galaxy Watch 4 And Galaxy Watch 5there is talk of an increase in performance of more than 10% and that should also be used as a guide 5nm processwhich would also lead to an increase of autonomy. The latter should then also be guaranteed by slightly larger batteries.

Samsung has not released any further information on this new chipso we don’t know the configuration of the CPUs and from gpu, but they should arrive in the coming months.

The return of the ferrule that is reduced in size

As for other features, the new series Galaxy Watch 6 should get a screen greater and with improved resolution, the introduction of which will probably be facilitated by the reduction of cornice external.

But not only. This is based on initial rumors that surfaced in March and have now been confirmed by Yummy ice universeit will be again rotatinga function that has been abandoned Galaxy Watch 5 Much to the disappointment of fans of the brand.

Galaxy Watch 6 It will, in all likelihood, get the same packed list of features as the current Galaxy Watch 5, including a screen OLEDs circular, ECG, GPS, sensor from heartbeatHealth and fitness tracking, tracking of sleep and analysis of body composition. Connectivity will likely be Wi-Fi with a cellular option, NFC, while the interface will be the latest One UI Watch based on Wear OS.

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