Many new images and a video show us the AI ​​functions of One UI 6.1

One UI 6 is coming to many Samsung Galaxy smartphone and tablet models with Android 14, but looking ahead, we’re already starting to discover that A user interface 6.1. The latter was supposed to debut with Samsung Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+ And Galaxy S24 Ultra and is intended to integrate several Functionality From artificial intelligence: After the tastings of the last few days, let’s take a closer look at some of them, which should also arrive in the coming months to products already on the market.

Let’s find out ahead what features we will see with One UI 6.1

As already expected last October, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series will have a strong focus on AI and thanks to the leaks leaked in the last few hours we can already start to discover some of the features that we will see officially starting next month ( if the rumors about this Unpacked event will prove to be correct). It remains to be seen which of these will ultimately be reserved for some models (especially the Galaxy S24 series) and which will instead find their way onto smartphones and tablets of previous generations. It will all depend on the computing power required, as the new SoCs (like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 For Galaxy) will have a strong focus on AI.

As reported by Ahmed Qwaider On X, One UI 6.1 on board the Galaxy S24 Ultra will offer this feature Circle search, which allows you to initiate an automatic AI search by circling something on the screen. In addition, the smartphone will be able to do this Identify up to 10 entries to work into the recordings of meetings, to translate them if necessary, but also to make notes about them, complete with Summary with style ChatGPT.

One UI 6.1 is expected to bring a feature for users generative background images similar to the one Google introduced on its Pixels: as reported by Bennett Buhner And WigettaGaming (The post was later removed, but we have restored it thanks to colleagues at PhoneArena) on X, the new feature should appear as we see in the screenshots below.

With the next version, Samsung users could get weather effects on the lock screen, Magic Editor-style photo enhancements, and the battery protection features we’ve been seeing in recent days. And that’s not all, because according to the leaker Vedant Caloriewhich discovered the novelty through Samsung Remote Lab (developed for developers) and Galaxy S23 Ultra will present One UI 6.1generative artificial intelligence on too Samsung keyboard. As we can see in the short video below, the app should allow you to choose between four generative AI models, PaLM 2 (Google), GPT4 (OpenAI and ChatGPT), Gecko (another version of PaLM 2) and Scs (Samsung? ). and between two language translation models (LLM and on-device).

In short, with One UI 6.1 a lot of interesting new features related to the world of AI await us: initially we will see them on the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, but later they should also be available on other models (at least some). We don’t have to wait too long for the new flagships from the South Korean manufacturer: As far as we know, the presentation could take place as early as January 17, 2024.

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