Meta Quest 3: The new headset promises an improved experience at an attractive price

Meta continues to advance the development of the Metaverse with its latest virtual reality headset, the Meta Quest. After the success of MetaQuest 2 and MetaQuest ProNow it’s time for the new top model that managed to attract a large audience thanks to its attractive price.

Meta Quest 3 is an improvement in every way. Three years after its second release, Meta’s (formerly Oculus) flagship headset strives to remain accessible. In a video posted to Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg claims that is the case “First consumer headset with high-resolution color mixed reality”although it actually isn’t.

From a design point of view, the three pads that surround the front of the helmet are the only differentiator. They should house sensors and cameras for locating the helmet in its surroundings and for recording. This allows the helmet to offer a mixed reality experience, allowing you to see what’s happening around you through the headset at the same time.

The Meta Quest 3 is 40% thinner than its predecessor and offers improved comfort. In addition, the screens have been improved for better resolution. The controllers have also been updated with more ergonomic joysticks.

All of this is powered by Qualcomm’s latest chip, which offers twice the performance of the previous model. Meta advertises this viewer as even more powerful than the Meta Quest Pro, which translates into better graphics rendering and greater fluidity in games.

Mark Zuckerberg also said that over 500 games and applications are compatible with the headset. In fact, this is the same library available for Meta Quest 2, but new content is planned for the release of Meta Quest 3.

Meta is also trying to democratize mixed reality, i.e. the merging of virtual reality and augmented reality. With this headset, Meta wants to make mixed reality accessible to everyone. At the heart of this project is Meta Reality technology, which promises exceptional color rendering and effective interaction between the physical and virtual worlds. For example, a virtual gaming table can be projected onto the real table, or a virtual easel can be set up in the middle of the living room.

The Meta Quest 3 will launch in the US this fall for $499 in the 128GB version. It is not yet known whether there will be a version with more storage space. However, the viewer will also be available in Italy, as indicated by the launch meta page, which lists a price of 569.99 euros.

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