OPPO closes the chip division: Farewell to MariSilicon

OPPO is a company known not only for smartphones but also for its chips. In fact, since 2021 the company has been producing the MariSilicon series of processors used in its devices. Unfortunately, Zeku, OPPO’s hardware division, announced the closure today.

Concerns are given as reasons for the extreme act Uncertainty in the global economy and the smartphone industry. It was a difficult decision and there were many layoffs, but it seemed inevitable for the company.

Everything seems to have happened very quickly, because only a few weeks ago Zeku published a job advertisement. OPPO wanted to clarify that This has no impact on devices using MariSilicon: New ones are simply not made.

According to some data According to reports, OPPO has spent around US$1.4 billion to develop customized chips. The loss of MariSilicon will therefore be a major blow to the company as well as to the tech world in general.

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