Telegram updates with channel appearances, story posts and more

In the latest Telegram updateChannels can set wallpapers, emoji statuses and profile logos, users can repost channel messages in Stories, Telegram Premium can be gifted to multiple people at once, giveaways can include additional prizes, and many more new features are being added.

Customize the appearance of channels

Channels can now Customize their appearance when they level up through member boosts or giveaways.

In addition to the color of their messages, channel owners can now choose a color and logo for their profile cover, set an emoji status and a background that will be visible to anyone who opens the channel. For their emoji status, channels can choose from thousands of emojis created by Telegram artists.

To adjust a channelOpen your profile and select Channel Settings > Appearance.
The channel level determines which display settings are available. Layers also allow channels to post stories and add custom reactions.

Share posts into stories

Post Telegram Stories

Channel messages can now be reposted to Stories. This adds a copy of the message that can be moved, resized, and decorated. Anyone who sees your story can tap it to open the message in the source channel.

Reposts support all types of messages, such as photos, files, and even voice or video messages. In future updates, reposts in Stories will have additional features, such as interactive polls.

To repost a message, tap the share arrow next to the message and select Repost as Story.

Send more premium gifts quickly

Now you can Give Telegram Premium to multiple people at the same time. There is a new “Gift Premium” section in Settings where you can select up to 10 users and gift Telegram Premium to them with a single tap. If one of these users already has Premium, they can save the gift to activate later or send it to a friend.

Premium can also be gifted to individual users via their profile > ⋮ / ⋯ > Gift Premium.

Personalized prizes and winner lists for giveaways

Channels that host giveaways can now do so Set a longer duration and set additional rewards.

For greater transparency, giveaway organizers can enable the “Show Winners” feature to announce winning accounts. When enabled, winners will be announced in a new message full of confetti.

Telegram will randomly select winners and automatically distribute Telegram Premium gift codes. Channel admins are responsible for providing any additional rewards they wish to add.

View reposts and more

Users can already see who viewed their story and how they responded, and channels already have detailed statistics available to track the performance of their stories.

With this update, channel admins can now You can see reactions to their stories and both users and channels can see who reposted their stories.

Cut out photos for stories

Photos from your gallery can be inserted via stories, and you can now remove the background from images of your pets, friends, and legendary artifacts.

To add a photo to a story, open the sticker panel in Stories and tap the photo icon. Then select the photo, tap > from the menu, then tap Crop to delete the background. This feature requires iOS 17.


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