TestFlight’s “Teraleak” data leak includes thousands of iOS apps and games that are not available in the App Store

A major TestFlight leak could bring back thousands of outdated iOS apps and games that had disappeared from the App Store.

As noted by EurogamerA large number of TestFlight files was found archived on the Wayback Machine and shared anonymously

The files, which include prototype and beta versions of apps and games, date from 2012 to 2015 and predate Apple’s acquisition of TestFlight. It appears that the content may have come from a misconfigured cloud storage server and was actually downloaded from the old TestFlightApp.com website in March 2015. The content went unnoticed until it was posted on Twitter.

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The @teraleak account has shared game and app files found in the archive, and some of the titles that have surfaced include unreleased versions of Angry Birds, the canceled Infinity Blade Dungeons game, a Sonic Dash prototype, and more.

There are also many apps and games that have been removed from the ‌App Store‌ and are no longer available for download from Apple, so the file leak may preserve some of these older titles. Downloading the leaked files will not work on newer devices, but workarounds may be found in the future.


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