The GameSnacks collection returns to Android Auto with a simple trick

Android Auto is a platform developed by the Mountain View giant to offer users a solution that guarantees them to drive their vehicle without distractions and use the Google Assistant to manage multimedia content and call the contacts you want.

With that in mind, games certainly don’t count as driving applications, but there are situations where Android Auto can be used to pass the time, such as waiting for a stop in a parking lot.

GameSnacks is a collection of games for Android Auto where users can spend few minutes choosing one from various puzzles and other simple games.

GameSnacks returns to Android Auto

As of earlier this year, GameSnacks stopped working on some cars, and when drivers try to launch games, Android Auto returns an error, informing them that the game collection “Not available while driving” even when the vehicle is parked.

Waiting for an official solution, anyone found that applying the handbrake makes them disappear and gives Android Auto users access to the game library.

Google has most likely silently changed the GameSnacks requirements in the latest versions of the app, although the error in question could also be the result of a bug.

However, putting the car in parking mode should be enough to let Android Auto know that the vehicle has stopped moving and allow users to distract themselves with GameSnacks games: in fact, the Google team seems to ensure that the Drivers do not do this while moving play.

If you’re curious to take a look at GameSnacks games collection, all you have to do is follow this link.

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