The official Vision Pro accessory in a new Apple patent

In the new ones Patent applications The first official accessories for Apple’s Vision Pro have emerged from Hong Kong.

Apple was granted more in Hong Kong on Friday, December 22nd 70 design patents linked to his Vision Pro headset. The patents include a never-before-seen Vision Pro accessory, shown in a series of images from different angles. The design of the accessory in question seems to correspond to this a band from Vision Pro It uses a woven soft-touch fabric that covers the entire front and sides of the headset. The accessory does not cover the back of the headset or the light seal in any way and is likely intended to protect the headset’s EyeSight display from scratches and other damage. The cover also features a tab on the left side for easy removal.

The other design patent that Apple received in the recent series of presentations concerns a Battery for Vision Pro, incorrectly identified by some sites as a new MagSafe battery, shows a raised flap. This accessory is notable because it confirms that the Apple headset’s battery cable is removable.


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