Unreleased iPhone models appear in tvOS 17 code

Since we’re just a month away from Apple’s announcement of the new iPhone 15s, it’s no surprise that the company is currently working on new smartphones. However, several unreleased iPhone models have been found in the tvOS 17 beta code, which may give us an idea of ​​what to expect in the future.

Various iPhone models in tvOS 17 code

As stated by AaronFour unreleased iPhone models have been added to the tvOS 17 Beta 1 code. These templates went undetected until tvOS 17 Beta 4, but have now been removed by Apple. The model identifiers are:

  • iPhone15.4
  • iPhone15.5
  • iPhone16.1
  • iPhone16,2

However, there is usually no precise logic behind these identifiers They are organized by chip family. For example, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 14, and iPhone SE 3rd generation are all identified as “iPhone14,x”. The iPhone 14 Pro, on the other hand, is identified as “iPhone15,x” because it’s mounted on it A16 Bionic chip.

Based on this, we can assume that iPhone15.4 and iPhone15.5 are the new ones iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pluswhile iPhone16.1 and iPhone16.2 are the new ones iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Rumor has it that iPhone 15 and 15 Plus will indeed feature the same A16 Bionic chip as the current iPhone 14 Pro, which would explain the fact that the new phones are part of the “iPhone15,x” family. At the same time, the identifiers iPhone16.1 and iPhone16.2 indicate that the new Pro models will use a chip that is still unreleased, probably the A17 chips Built with 3 nanometer technology.

According to Aaron, there are two other iPhone models have not yet been released listed in the tvOS 17 beta code, and these are even more intriguing. Identify yourself as iPhone14.1 and iPhone14.9These models are connected to the A15 Bionic chip. However, it is difficult to say with certainty which models are involved. While these are actually unreleased iPhones, it’s not uncommon to find remnants of model identifiers in the iOS code that have never been used by an actual device. However, there are some interesting theories about these identifiers.

Will Apple release older iPhones, but with a USB-C connector?

iPhone SE 4

Michael Burkhardt suggested that Apple might consider rebooting the same Third generation iPhone SE and even theiPhone 13 mini with the USB-C connector instead of Lightning, since the entire iPhone 15 range will have a USB-C connector. That said, it wouldn’t make much sense if Apple doesn’t plan to update the iPhone 14 with USB-C as well, since, like in the past, this model is likely to remain in the range for at least another year.

Rumors also suggest that Apple is working on one new iPhone SE with OLED display for 2024, so it seems more plausible that Apple is waiting to include the USB-C port in this new model. In short, there are really a lot of rumors about it, but at the moment there is nothing concrete about it.


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