Farewell to Katie Cotton, former Apple executive

Katie Cotton, vice president of corporate communications during the Steve Jobs era, died on April 6, nearly a decade after retiring from her position at Apple.

During his time at Apple Katie Cotton She was responsible for public relations and was known for the way she handled secret information about Steve Jobs’ products, scandals and health.

Because of her character and her handling of the most sensitive news, she was considered one of the most powerful Apple executives under the leadership of Steve Jobs to carry on the company’s culture of secrecy. Cotton retired from Apple in 2014 after 18 years of service.

Katie Cotton is dead

Despite the controversy and secrecy that surrounded Cotton’s tenure at Apple, she proved to be a very influential person. By severely restricting press releases, Apple was able to give the few messages that were shared an aura of greater importance.

This attitude continues to this day. While Apple has become more open to certain information, it’s still trying to be more private about its executives and future product plans, which Katie Cotton was a real pioneer.


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