FBI: Malware, beware of public USB ports

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) last week warned users to stay away from public USB ports because of malware risks.

On Twitter the FBI office in Denver he explained The public charging stations in hotels, airports and shopping malls can be a malware attack vector.

Hackers with bad intentions have learned Use public USB ports introduce malware and tracking software onto devices, which is why the FBI advises users to bring their own charger and USB cable if charging their device in a public place so they can use an outlet instead of a public USB port to charge.

iPhones, iPads and Macs have a USB security feature that prevents using the Lightning port to transfer data for more than an hour after unlocking the device, but this does not prevent malware from being installed if you are actively using the device, while connected to a public port.

When a public USB port is used to deliver malware to a computer, tablet, or smartphone, hackers can do so Gain access to confidential data on your device, steal usernames and passwords, hijack emails, steal money from online accounts and more. The only way to stay safe is to use your own USB cable to charge in public places.

The FBI posted a notice on its website notifying it People should not use free charging stations. The FBI also warns against using public Wi-Fi for sensitive transactions, opening suspicious documents, using the same password for all accounts, and clicking unwanted links in text messages and emails.


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