“Google, help me write”: Artificial intelligence makes its way into Gmail

Google has announced that it will introduce artificial intelligence to all workspace tools later this year. and it looks like Gmail will come first. In fact, Google has just launched a trial of a feature called Help Me Write for a select few users.

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to use it from Italy: actually Membership in the Workspace Labs program is required, which is not available to us. However, we can at least see what the new tool will bring, and at first glance it seems extremely valid.

Help Me Write is a more specific version of ChatGPT (or Bard to be more appropriate). All you have to do is type a short prompt explaining what you want to write in the email, and the AI ​​will create a draft for you. You can also choose different writing styles: for example, “formal”, “detailed”, “short” and of course “I feel happy”.

It must be made clear that he will not write it entirely for you, However, there are gaps that you can fill in with the appropriate information. In addition, Google would like to point out that the content may not always be correct, both from a logical and grammatical point of view, so it is worth double-checking what is written carefully. Despite the limitations, it’s still a great time saver and will be especially useful for those who write a lot of emails.

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