Google Assistant is no longer supported on third-party smart displays

Google Assistant has always been compatible not only with native devices but also with third-party smart displays. Screens from companies like LG and Lenovo could easily use voice assistants, while enjoying all security updates at the same time. But soon that will no longer be the case.

In fact, it has recently been noticed that Google Assistant support is being dropped for a fairly wide range of products. This includes all models in the series Lenovo Smart Display, LG Xboom AI ThinQ WK9 Smart Display and JBL Link View. This does not mean that you can no longer use it, but that it will no longer function correctly in the future.

The official reason for this decision has not been confirmed. However, some speculation can be made about it: for example the forthcoming launch of the Pixel tablet. But that’s not all: there’s one more thing charging station which will essentially serve as a full-fledged smart display. All of this suggests that Google has decided to focus mostly on its own ecosystem and give less importance to that of its “competitors”.

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