EU issues new rules for iCloud data transfer

iCloud It is among the most popular services among Apple users, but currently it is not easy to transfer data to other similar services. Things could change soon.

Currently, one of the main goals of tech companies is to get you to use their apps and services and then stick with those platforms. The longer we use a particular service, the more difficult it becomes to switch to a competing service.

The idea behind it data portability is that consumers should have the freedom to move all of their online data from one service to another as quickly and easily as possible. That’s why Facebook, for example, had to introduce tools that allow you to download and transfer your data.

Reuters reports that a framework agreement called the Data Act has been concluded between EU countries. The law facilitates the transfer of data to other providers of data processing servicesintroduces safeguards against the illegal transmission of data by cloud service providers and provides for the development of interoperability standards for cross-sectoral data reuse.

The new law will affect a variety of tech companies, with Apple potentially being directly affected, as the company could be forced to make transferring all data from iCloud to other services, such as Google Drive, much easier and more immediate. Of course, the same rule also applies to Google and other cloud services.

The law not only makes it easier for consumers to decide where to store their data, but also gives users more information about what data technology giants can use.

For example, if you have smart home products that communicate with a server from the brand that makes them, you can choose what data is shared and how it can be used by the company.

As with all EU legislation, the approval process is time-consuming and involves many stages, so this legislation is likely to come into force in just a few years.


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