Apple adds the first generation iPhone SE to the list of vintage and obsolete products

Apple has added the first generation iPhone SE to its list Vintage and obsolete products.

The first version of the iPhone SE‌ came out in March 2016, meaning it’s been seven years since its launch.

The ‌iPhone SE‌ was sold until September 2018, so it’s been five years since it was last available for sale, making it eligible for Apple’s vintage list. Products are marked as vintage five years after Apple last sold the device, and products are marked obsolete after seven years.

iPhone SE 2022

For devices of this type, Apple does not guarantee repairs unless replacement parts are still available.

Apple then released a new “iPhone SE” and today it is the only iPhone with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Three generations have been released so far, with the “iPhone SE” 3 launching in March 2022.

Apple also marked it as vintage the second-generation 12.9-inch iPad Proas well as the special edition Mickey Solo3 wireless headphones. The Powerbeats 2 and Solo2 wireless headphones are now considered outdated.


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