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Although sales of foldable smartphones have declined for the first time ever, it is a category of devices that is attracting particular interest from users, as evidenced by the fact that more and more rumors are popping up on the market about the next foldable smartphones, especially for the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 And Galaxy Z Fold5.

However, it’s not just Samsung’s next foldable devices that are attracting enthusiasts’ interest, Google’s first foldable smartphone is too. pixel wrinkleis highly anticipated and we recently took a look at pricing and availability.

Today we take a look at the latest leaked information about the foldable smartphone industry, with information for both Samsung and Google smartphones.

Bigger displays than expected for Samsung foldables

We had already seen that according to the latest rumours, one of the most obvious changes to Samsung’s foldable clamshell future was going to be in the external display: the company has actually lagged behind its main competitors in this regard, the current 1.9-inch looks really bad, when looking at other devices with the same form factor.

If lately Samsung’s plans have seemed to include a 3.4-inch diagonal for the Galaxy Z Flip5’s external display, now the company appears to be intending to, following Ross Young’s reports on Twitter have something more daring: According to the CEO and co-founder of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), Samsung could implement a 3.8-inch external display on the device in question.

However, Ross doesn’t limit his predictions to just the Korean company’s leaflet, he also offers some indiscretions Galaxy Z Fold5: If, on the one hand, it looks like the company intends to do so Equip the smartphone with a large 6.6-inch external display, on the other hand, Young also dares with the timing; In fact, it seems that according to the schedule envisaged by the supply chain Shipment of the panels is scheduled to start in May and actual production in June of the two new Samsung brochures that would share the same production department.

Should component supply chain timelines prove correct, it would result in rollout and commercialization timelines similar to last year’s, spurring user hopes to learn all about the new brochures at the Galaxy Unpacked event in August.

Google Pixel Fold may have a better display than Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

Now let’s move on to the highly anticipated first foldable smartphone from Google, without forgetting the Korean giant; It’s no secret that Samsung makes display panels not only for the company’s devices, but also for some competitors like Apple. The current range iPhone 14 used the Korean company’s displays with the M12 material set on two models of the family.

Apparently the closest family of iPhone 15 It will use the same materials throughout, but that’s not the most interesting information. In fact, according to reports from Korean newspaper The Elec, it appears to be the case Samsung is already working on developing new sets of OLED materials: as reported, The new M13 set of materials could be used to manufacture the displays of the next Google Pixel Fold.

If this were true, Google’s first foldable smartphone could feature a better panel than the one allegedly used to make the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5; however, one has to consider that Big G rarely uses the very latest hardware implementations for its devices, but this cannot be ruled out as a hypothesis.

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