The Sony Xperia Compact won’t be as compact as it should be

According to display analyst Ross Young, the upcoming Sony Xperia Compact doesn’t live up to the tradition of being a compact device as one would expect. In fact, Young just revealed that the device’s display will come in different sizes.

The famous Japanese brand Sony is preparing to launch the next phone of the Xperia 5 V series and rumor has it that it might launch a new model “Compact”. However, as reported by Display Analyst Ross Youngwould turn out that the new Xperia Compact phone will not be as small as we have been used to in the past.

The news has already caused a stir and fans of the Xperia range are divided between those who approve of the new screen size and those who want to stay true to tradition and restore the old compact dimensions of Sony devices.

The upcoming Xperia Compact might have a 6.05-inch display, a smaller size by modern standards, but not quite as compact as you’d expect from a device with the label “Compact”. The latest smartphone in the series “Compact” from Sony was the Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact, which had a 5-inch display, so the next model will have a display more than an inch larger.

This news came as a surprise to many as the Sony brand has long been associated with compact and portable phones, perfect for anyone looking for a smartphone that fits easily in their pocket or is easy to use with one hand.

However, given the Sony design and its suggested top and bottom bezels, the new Xperia Compact may be slightly larger than the Galaxy S23 and consequently also less compact than Sony devices of the past.

It therefore remains to be seen whether Sony decides to reintroduce the brand “Compact” or whether it will launch an Xperia 5 device with a smaller display than the standard model. In any case, anticipation remains high for the arrival of the next Sony phone and fans of the Japanese brand are eagerly awaiting its launch.

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