Google Pixel Watch becomes the protagonist of another hardware problem

Google Pixel Watch it has now been on the market for almost 8 months and has certainly made headlines in that time, for better or for worse; as the months go by Google It has expanded its functions, optimized the user interface and generally refined the user experience. Attention that was apparently worth it given the numbers of the first smartwatch in the series Manufactured by Google thereof in the last quarter of 2022, approx 880,000 units.

Figures that bode well for the Mountain View giant, which has however struggled over the months with some Pixel Watch hardware defects that have inevitably damaged its reputation, especially in the first few months after launch; These include the infamous problem with the charging station and the positioning of the device on it – a defect that we found with ours video review – and then the first reports deny from Google regarding an alleged problem with the storage of images (burn into) of the Pixel Watch display.

Well, even months after its launch, there are new reports from users complaining about a Rear body panel detachment from Pixel Watch due to the disappearance of the internal adhesive holding the component in place. Let’s clear that up.

The bottom case of some Pixel watches would come off on its own

As expected, many users on Twitter did reported the detachment of the lower body of their Pixel Watch: some after exercising, i.e. due to sweat, while others identified the problem by trying to detach the smartwatch from the charging station. There aren’t too many reports that would indicate a widespread problem, but there are enough reports that they shouldn’t be ignored, especially given the magnitude of the problem.

A glue error holding it chassis the Pixel Watch could impair resistance to water and dust of the device, a key feature for a wearable, exposing the internal components.

A user’s Pixel Watch that experienced the hardware failure

According to the reports received, contacting Google technical support proved effective in resolving the issue, with the giant replacing the device under warranty in many cases.

Google has not provided any information on this issue; However, it is to be expected that this umpteenth hardware failure of a Pixel family device will only increase expectations of the quality of the products launched by the company. We won’t fail to keep you updated should more news emerge.

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