Microsoft will add touch controls to its Xbox app for iOS

Microsoft plans to make remote control of an Xbox console or easier Play on phones and tablets by adding touch controls to its Xbox mobile apps. This means users will no longer need Bluetooth controllers connected to their iPhone or iPad when using the Xbox mobile apps.

According to Tom Warren of The edgeMicrosoft has already started testing the new touch controls, which appear to be similar to those on the company's Xbox Cloud Gaming service.

Xbox Touch

While using a Bluetooth controller with the Xbox mobile app offers a much better experience, there are many users who don't own one. Therefore, the additional touch controls give them functions that they would otherwise not be able to use.

Those who have already tried a preview of the new app say Microsoft's implementation of touch controls is “surprisingly good,” which also makes it a great alternative for those who already own a Bluetooth controller but would like more flexibility wish.

There is currently no release date for this update, but touch controls will soon be available to all users of the Microsoft's Xbox mobile apps. It's important to add that touch controls work Almost all games are available on the platform.


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