New iPhone 15 Pro cases confirm the action button

When Apple introduces the iPhone 15 Pro in a few weeks, we expect something downright epoch-making. Saying goodbye to the traditional mechanical ringtone switch, replaced with one customizable button. The new button works similar to the “action” on the Apple Watch Ultra.

Confirm this novelty The leaker @MajinBuOfficial takes care of it via a post on Twitter.

Not sure if iPhone 15 Ultra it will be the definitive name instead of iPhone 15 Pro Max, but the combination of a titanium frame and an “action button” could lead to the use of the phrase “Ultra” as well. In fact, many rumors have it that Apple is reserving the iPhone Ultra name for an even more exclusive model coming out next year.

As for the leaked cases, the post aims to show three Clones of Apple MagSafe cases for iPhone 15 Pro in dark green, black and dark blue. Instead of a cutout above the volume buttons, these cases feature a smaller button that’s meant to house the new customizable button. The source of the photos is usually quite credible in terms of Apple accessory leaks.

It is expected that Apple will offer different functions for the new button on iPhone 15 Pro: Silent Mode, Accessibility, Controls, Camera, Flashlight, Deep Dive, Magnifier, Translation, and Voice Notes. Presumably, Silent Mode will also be added to the iPhone’s Control Center.

iPhone photographers will find it particularly useful to be able to assign the new button to launch the camera app. In the past, Apple created a smart battery case with a dedicated button to launch the camera app. However, that functionality disappeared with the move to the MagSafe battery. The dedicated camera button allowed the camera app to be launched automatically with a single click, even when the display was off and the iPhone was locked.


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