Samsung Galaxy Watch4 receives a new software update in Italy

A new software update has been lurking on the Italian Samsung Galaxy Watch4 for a few hours, however we are yet to face the much-coveted major update. Without further ado, let’s find out a few more details.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4: the news of the new software update

It’s been a few days since we announced the arrival of the biggest update of the One UI 5 Watch on the Samsung smartwatches of the last two generations, but in this case – as mentioned at the beginning – we are dealing with the penultimate one and the news in distribution are not yet the long-awaited ones. More precisely, the reports from our country – straight from our community – are approx Samsung Galaxy Watch4 in LTE versionbut the same update is of course also expected for the same model without cellular connection and for the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic model.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 is receiving a software update of just over 100MB, making it a leap forward from the April 2023 security patches to those of June 2023. The firmware version introduced is R875FXXS1GWG1 and the changelog does not report otherwise.

How to update the Samsung Galaxy Watch4

To install the latest software updates on Samsung smartwatches, simply open the Galaxy Wearable app and then go to Settings -> View software update -> Download and install.

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Many thanks to Mattia Barbero for reporting

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