Samsung works with a 1-inch sensor

Samsung is committed to innovation with a new 1-inch camera sensor for the future Galaxy S25 Ultra and promises significant improvements in terms of photo capabilities.

In the dynamic smartphone market, innovation is a constant. Recently it turned out that Samsungone of the giants of the mobile phone industry, has started work on one 1 inch main camera sensorThis marks an important step forward in the development of mobile photography. While sensors of this size are taking longer to roll out than expected, largely due to previous reluctance from companies like Samsung, it now appears that South Korean big tech companies are making significant progress in this area.

According to a reliable source, Samsung has started developing this innovative sensor. Although information is still limited, the source shared some key details. The sensor will be 1/0.98, 200MP, 0.8μm H/V DPAF, 4x ISZindicating a possible revolution in photographic skills in the future.

While 1-inch camera sensors for phones aren’t exactly one inch in size, this development is in line with Samsung’s trend of focusing on sensors with a high megapixel count. The resolution of 200 megapixels corresponds to this trend and suggests significant improvements over current sensors.

However, according to rumors, this sensor is unlikely to be used in the next version Galaxy S24 Ultra. Rather, it is expected that the series Galaxy S25 Get a full camera upgrade. If these rumors turn out to be true, we can expect it Galaxy S25 Ultra will be equipped with this new and advanced camera.

At the moment these are all the details available. However, given Samsung’s tendency to announce its sensors before they are actually available on devices, it is possible that the official announcement with more details about the sensor will come sometime next year.

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