Scratches could be a problem for the Vision Pro

Although the front glass of the Vision Pro has proven to be quite shock and drop resistant, things are different when it comes to scratches.

JerryRigEverything, known for putting new products through extreme stress to test their durability, has shared a teardown of the Apple Vision Pro. Although this isn't the first teardown of Apple headsets, the YouTuber did some experiments with the glass on the front that covers the cameras, sensors and EyeSight display.

The results are not that exciting. Laminated glass has an interlayer of plastic to make it stronger and less prone to shattering, but for some reason that is A layer of plastic is attached to the laminated glass of the Vision Pro.

This is what makes up the Vision Pro’s external display extremely easy to scratch. Tests based on the Mohs material hardness scale show that the front glass of the Vision Pro has light scratches at level two and deeper scratches at level three. The glass on most smartphones scratches at levels six and seven.

In other words, this is what this means Items like keys, coins, and even dust can leave permanent scratches on the glass. No wonder that the Vision Pro comes with a special cover for the external display and a polishing cloth. Also because Apple charges $799 to replace the Vision Pro's front glass.

Apple Vision Pro accessories

On the other hand, the plastic cover seems to make the Vision Pro more resistant to accidental damage from bumps and drops.


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