tri-folding smartphone launching in 2024

Huawei's tri-folding smartphone, launching in the second quarter of 2024, promises to redefine mobility with screen and hinge technology.

Huawei is preparing for a qualitative leap in the smartphone market with the announcement of its first smartphone tri-folding smartphone. According to the latest information from the Taiwan-Chinese portal website TechNewsthe company plans to officially introduce this device second quarter of 2024.

The arrival of this device from Huawei has been discussed for some time and it seems that the wait will soon be over. The manufacturer is working on its first model a Double zipper, a feature that promises to impress audiences with its innovation. Production of the device is progressing gradually, with emphasis on testing new components and implementing a screen equipped with them super flexible glass.

The displays for this device are provided by BOEwhile the hinges are manufactured by Fusda and Zhaoli, to ensure that the technology behind this smartphone is top notch. The model promises a panel that offers an aspect ratio 28:9 or 18:9 When fully opened, it turns into a display 4:3 in the folded state. This versatility gives the device unique functionality and allows users to adapt it to a variety of applications and formats.

When fully unfolded, the tri-fold smartphone resembles the shape of a S or one Z, with dimensions comparable to those of conventional phones. Despite its complexity, Huawei does not want to sacrifice ergonomics or usability: the device will be equipped with one simple opening mechanismwhich ensures a firm hold and intuitive handling.

It is important to consider this information as preliminary information, awaiting official announcements or direct confirmation from Huawei. However, the next few weeks promise a wealth of updates, with technical specification details and a final launch date expected to be announced shortly.

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