Snapdragon Game Super Resolution: Here is the technology for a superior gaming experience

Qualcomm has revealed the upcoming launch of its technology Snapdragon Game Super Resolution (GSR), a scaling technology that could change the way we play games on our smartphones and tablets. GSR technology, expected later this year, should dramatically improve in-game performance and reduce the power consumption of our mobile devices.

GSR works as a single-pass spatial upscaling technique optimized for Snapdragon Adreno GPUs. This means that Qualcomm’s technology upscales images from low to high resolution without sacrificing quality, unlike the bilinear interpolation (bilerp) technique, which is widely used on mobile devices but is often less detailed.

According to Qualcomm The GSR allows Android games to switch from 1080p resolution to 4K and from 30 frames per second to 60 FPS or higher, which offers twice the performance of other upscaling solutions available on mobile devices. GSR technology is also compatible with older Qualcomm chips, not just the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

The GSR could revolutionize the gaming experience on mobile devices thanks to its ability to improve in-game performance and reduce power consumption. Qualcomm announced that it has partnered with major players in the video game industry such as Activision, Perfect World, Tencent, Netease and GIANTS Software, noting that the technology is expected to roll out later this year with the first implementation in Call of Duty Warzone Mobile, Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy or Farming Simulator 23 Mobile.

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