Tado° offers smart thermostats and valves with a discount on Amazon

Tado° is discounting its smart home temperature management products on Amazon, offering users complete control over boilers, radiators and air conditioners.

The three key elements for a smart home are lighting, air conditioning and video surveillance. There are great deals on Amazon today to make your heating and air conditioning system completely smart.

The discounted Tado° products therefore allow for easy and quick setup at home optimal temperature management with many interesting features such as automatic assistant, temperature control, open window detection and integration with outside weather.

All these features not only provide users with maximum convenience, but also help families save electricity and therefore cause less pollution and use fewer resources.

You can discover all the features of the thermostat clever and from Valves thermostatic in our full review. If you are looking for information about intelligent control of Air conditioning systems and from Heat pumpsyou can read our special test report.

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