The new Apple Maps is also coming to other countries

Apple he announced that the revised maps app will be launched in Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia. The new experience features more detailed road coverage, improved navigation, custom 3D models of famous landmarks, overpasses, and more.

The new maps They can also help drivers in Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland with selected EVs plan journeys that include reasonable stops for charging by analyzing various factors along a route. Meanwhile, transit passengers in Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia can more easily find nearby stations and save preferred lines.

Look Around is also expanding into all of these countries starting today, offering high-resolution street images in the Maps app. The feature is similar to Google’s Street View, but with smoother transitions when panning and zooming.

Apple Maps

As noticed by Apple Maps expert Juston O’Beirne, Apple has been expanding its new map data for the 18th time since it was launched in September 2018. The new maps and features have also been available in Italy for some time.


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