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Music has evolved in just a few decades from analogue media such as audio cassettes to digital media such as iPod, iPhone and more recently cloud services. Nostalgics and music lovers will therefore not miss the opportunity to transform Apple’s latest and most powerful headphones, the AirPods Pro 2, into a music cassette that can always be carried with them.

Vintage design: the music cassette case for AirPods Pro 2

Elago AirPods Pro 2 music cassette case

Thanks to Vintage look and the extreme attention to detail from Elago, the Cover for AirPods Pro 2 It’s a real gem for customizing the charging case of Apple’s wireless earbuds. Not only that: Marvel fans, especially of the saga Guardians of the Galaxy You will notice the reference to the iconic Star Lord cassette when recording Awesome Mix Vol.1.

Elago AirPods Pro 2 music cassette case

On the front we find more decorations than on the back, which looks more sober but just as detailed. The shape is absolutely similar to the classic ones Cassettes that conveyed music decades ago.

Elago housing material and resistance

Elago AirPods Pro 2 music cassette case

The material from which the case is made is Excellent quality silicone, soft and durable that protects the AirPods case from bumps, drops and scratches. In addition, there is also one Adjustable strap You can wear the headphones on your wrist using the slot built into the AirPods Pro 2. Additionally, if you need to attach the top part of the case more firmly to the case, there are special stickers that you can position as needed.

The AirPods Pro 2 can be easily charged using a Lightning cable (or USB-C in the new model) and a wireless charging pad, but the MagSafe magnetic attachment is not supported.

Prices and availability

Elago AirPods Pro 2 music cassette case

That is very nice AirPods Pro 2 case We find it in two different colors (classic white and black) for € 18.99 for the white variant and € 19.99 for the black variant on Amazon, with an additional discount at checkout thanks to the 5% currently present on the site -Voucher official product page on Amazon.

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