Tim Cook talks about the Vision Pro

Following the Vision Pro presentation, Apple CEO Tim Cook discussed what the company calls spatial computing in an interview with ABC News.

In the interview With Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts, Tim Cook spoke on a range of topics from Vision Pro to ChatGPT to the future of technology.


“It’s the technology of tomorrow, today. So you’re going to be living in the future and doing it today,” Cook said of the headset’s technically impressive hardware.

It is often said that any form of VR needs a “killer app” to make a VR product marketable. When describing all the functions of VisionProCook says, “It’s not about a thing, it’s a platform.”

Vision Pro isn’t just about VR, Apple also developed their own VR Augmented Reality Platform finally. A challenge with any use of virtual reality, however, is Isolation from the “true” reality that surrounds you.

On this point, Cook says that not contributing to isolation was a “key design point” in creating the Vision Pro. “It’s not about isolation; it’s about connection. It’s about having people who feel like they’re right there with you.”

“It’s the most advanced electronic device out there,” Cook added Price from $3,499. Roberts asked Tim Cook if this product could be something people could afford. “I don’t know. I think people will make different choices depending on their financial situation etc. The engineering and depth of engineering in this device is mind-blowing. You get more of a 4K experience in every eye. Of course it is not free. It costs something to do it, but I think it’s a great value.”

AI and ChatGPT

on the subjectartificial intelligencesays Cook that this front promises promising results that will require careful development and execution due to bias, misinformation, and more.

As for ChatGPT, Tim Cook said he uses it and is excited about it, adding that Apple is closely investigating this type of technology.


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