Widgets become protagonists of the watchOS 10 interface

According to Mark Gurman of BloombergwatchOS 10 will introduce a brand new widget system for interacting with the Apple Watch.

In the latest issue of his “Power On” newsletter, Gurman explained that with ‌ widgets will become a “central part” of the Apple Watch interfacewatchOS 10‌. This new widget system has been compared to looks (Looks), the widget interface that launched on the original Apple Watch, which then disappeared within a few years.

The new user interface “remembers” the introduced “Siri” watch face watchOS 4but “it’s also similar to widget stacks, a feature of iOS and iPadOS that allows users to group many widgets into one and scroll through them.”

The goal is to allow users to swipe through a number of different widgets, e.g. B. for activity tracking, weather, calendar appointments and more, instead of letting them launch the corresponding app.

In addition, Apple is also testing changes to the functions performed by the buttons on the Apple Watch in watchOS 10. For example, a press of the Digital Crown can now launch the new widget view instead of going to the home screen.

Gurman believes the move is an acknowledgment that an iPhone-like app experience “doesn’t always make sense on a watch” as “Apple Watch apps have just caught on.” Due to a radical departure from the app-centric experience Apple Watch users are used to, Apple can, at least initially Make the new interface optional.

These novelties will be part of what Gurman says one of the biggest Apple Watch software updates since its launch and also the most significant change for the Apple Watch this year as there will be little news on the hardware side.


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