Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5: new renderings

It’s almost time Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5: The Korean manufacturer’s foldable smartphone should indeed become a reality in the summer and for this reason the renders and gossip about the new model are starting to arrive. Let’s take a closer look at the renders leaked online today.

This is a new series of images that confirm what has already been seen before: the Advertisement The Flip5’s exterior is wider and more contoured (it looks a bit like an upside down folder icon on our computer) and also has a flatter side frame. You can see some similarities with the looks of OPPO’s Find N2 Flip.
Only to match the new shape of the external displaycamera orientation it is now horizontal instead of vertical.

The external display is said to be 6.7 inches diagonally, while the internal screen is said to be 3.4 inches.

In addition, the rumors that have been chasing each other over the past few days and that concern the newcomer zipper design they might turn out to be true. From what we can see in these renders, the gap between the two halves of the phone is almost non-existent. When the two half-shells are closed, there is no light.


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