Apple Watch Series 9: The only new S9 chip?

According to Weibo leaker “Instant Digital”L’Apple watch series 9 Except for a performance improvement, it remains “essentially unchanged” from the current model.

In a post published today, the Weibo user confirmed other reports that the Apple Watch Series 9 will be a minor update. The news will mainly relate to the device’s new S-series chip, which offers a significant increase in performance, but the rest of the device will be essentially identical to the Apple Watch Series 8.

THE S6, S7 and S8 chips The devices included in the second-generation Apple Watch Series 6, Series 7, Series 8, Watch SE, and Apple Watch Ultra are virtually identical. They are based on and made with the iPhone 11’s A13 Bionic chip 7nm manufacturing process by TSMC. All have 32 GB of memory and a dual-core CPU with the identifier T8301. When Apple introduced the S6 chip in the Apple Watch Series 6 — the last time the company made performance claims for its line of smartwatches — the chip was said to allow apps to launch by 20%.

Apple Watch Series 8

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, it is S9 chips It will be based on the A15 Bionic chip. The new chip could bring one significant improvement in performance and efficiency, which will launch apps faster and potentially improve battery life. Alongside the Apple Watch Series 9, the S9 chip is expected to be a major update to the second-generation Apple Watch Ultra.

With the Apple Watch Series 9 and the second generation of the Apple Watch Ultra, the focus will therefore be on performance. Additionally, Apple appears to be planning to add a few new colorways to its lineup this year, including the pink color for the Apple Watch Series 9 and black for the second-generation Apple Watch Ultra.


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