Galaxy S23, 2X portrait mode is back

Samsung announces the launch of 2x portrait mode and enhanced HDR in the next version of the Galaxy S23 flagship smartphone.

Samsung is on the verge of reintroducing 2x portrait mode in the Galaxy S23 lineup’s camera, the tech expert has revealed ice universe At Weibo. The company previously removed this feature but decided to reintroduce it after receiving user feedback. This update is also accompanied by bug fixes related to the HDR performance of the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

In fact, many users have reported problems with the camera in certain lighting conditions, especially when using the HDR function. In these cases, a halo effect can be observed around objects due to the application of Local Tone Mapping in low light conditions. Samsung has admitted the problem and promised to fix it in the next update.

The latest May 2023 security patch update for the Galaxy S23 series does not include fixes for HDR, so it is likely that the next update will bring these changes. Also, Samsung’s camera team is open to suggestions for new features.

Previously, Samsung released a system update for the Galaxy S23 series back in April that brought several camera improvements and bug fixes. For example, the optimization of the gallery app, the autofocus mechanism, the Super Steady On mode and the camera assistant.

Samsung is always up to date, tries to fulfill the wishes of the users and constantly improve the performance of its devices. Thanks to this new update, it will be possible to use 2x portrait mode and enjoy an improved photographic experience with the top-of-the-line Galaxy S23 smartphone series. The next update will also fix HDR issues, making photos even sharper and more detailed.

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