Latest Android Auto bug is in low resolution

2023 looks like the year of Android Auto: a new one interface (not yet available for everyone), new functions And… new bugs. If only because of the app to connect our smartphone Android a vehicle doesn’t lose the habit of irritating us with ever more imaginative problems (here’s how to do it when the GPS it doesn’t work).

The most recent in chronological order is particularly important curious. After installing the latest Update, In fact, several users have noticed that the Android Auto screen is a resolution unusual low (Opening image above).

According to the reviews, this problem occurs regardless of whether you are on the app list or a specific app Google Maps, Waze or spotify, which would indicate a problem Connection. For the affected users, however, this message only came after one of the latest updates and not because the cable was changed.

But the “proof” that this new bug is in it Android Auto It seems to be from a user who emulated the main unit in Android Studio and was able to reproduce that Problem, Report the related screenshots in a reply initial contribution in the support blog.

So, even if there is no news regarding Android Auto wireless modethere seems to be a problem that affects the app per se. It must be said that the bug does not affect many people at the moment since it is alone 34 Users have clicked the buttonI have the same problem“. And while that doesn’t mean they’re the only ones affected, it’s certainly not a huge mistake widespread.

AND Google? He doesn’t seem to know what to do. The support team actually asked users to provide more information hey system logs to be able to rewrite and possibly give an answer.

So at the moment it’s not clear what’s going on, but we’ll update you as soon as we have one answer officially through the support of GrandeG.

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