Latest generation OLED screens on the iPhone 15

A new supply chain report states that all four iPhone 15 models will use the latest generation OLED screens. Of the current iPhone 14 range, only the Pro models have used the latest generation of Samsung technology.

For the reach iPhone 14, there were a number of differences in the screens. Of course, the most visible of these was the dynamic island of the Pro models compared to the notch in the base and Plus models.Also very visible is the presence of the variable refresh rate, called Financial support from Apple, on Pro models, which allows you to adjust the refresh rate up to 120Hz and down to 1Hz. It also allows you to enable the always-on display feature without significantly impacting battery life.

Besides these features, another important difference between the panels of the Standard and Pro models concerns the refinement of the materials used to build displays. The base and Plus models of the iPhone 14 are made from Samsung’s 11th generation material set, while the two Pro models use the 12th generation.

iphone 14pro

the electr reports that all four iPhone 15s will use OLED screens, which come with the latest devices this year Material set M12. Samsung will also use the same technology for the next Galaxy Fold.

However, only i Pro models will use low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) thin-film transistors (TFT), making this possible variable refresh rate.

There will then be further improvements to the iPhone 16, all of which will use the latest technologies in terms of OLED screens.


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