Mickey Mouse Clock on iPhone: How to get the Mickey Mouse widget?

Are you a fan of Disney and Mickey Mouse and are you looking for an iPhone watch that resembles the official Apple Watch face? You can have a Mickey Mouse widget right on your iPhone in just a few moments.

All you need to have the Mickey Mouse widget on your iPhone home screen is the app Widgy widgets, available as a free version on the App Store with subscription options. If the Mickey Mouse clock is the only element placed on the screen, you don't need to purchase an in-app subscription as the free plan is more than enough.

To install the Mickey Mouse watch face you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Open Widgy
  2. In the Explore section, look for the Mickey Watch widget.
  3. Add the widget to the first free “small” slot in the app
  4. Close Widgy
  5. Press and hold your finger on the home screen
  6. Add a widget
  7. In the Widgy section, select the appropriate widget

This will set the Mickey Mouse clock on iPhone correctly. If you want, you can also fully customize the fonts and colors directly in the Widgy app to match the background or color palette closest to your taste.

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