Gurman: the news for WWDC 2023

Apple’s first big event for 2023 will be WWDC, starting on June 5th, which could bring us not only new software but also many new products this year.

In the latest issue of his newsletter ABloomberg’s Mark Gurman lists what new hardware will be unveiled on June 5th.

WWDC news

According to Gurman, who we remember as one of the most reliable leakers when it comes to future Apple products, the company will showcase these innovations at WWDC 2023:

  • The Apple’s first AR/VR headsetwhich, barring surprises, will be called Reality Pro
  • xrOSthe operating system running on the headset
  • iOS 17, iPad OS 17, macOS 14 And watchOS 10
  • New MacBooks

Apple Reality Pro headset

Apple viewer

Not surprisingly, Gurman still expects that Apple’s mixed reality headsets are the big protagonists of the event. According to him, the Cupertino-based company wants to present Reality Pros at WWDC to give developers enough time to create software and apps that viewers can use before the expected official debut in the fall.

New Macs

macbook air comparison

Gurman’s words confirm that there will be a long delay between the presentation and the release of the first-generation headset. Aside from Reality Pro, the only other hardware announcement is for the Mac areanot even Gurman expects new iPads in June.

Apple is working on one Macbook air 15 inchA Macbook air 13 inch updated and new MacBook Pro 13 inchand at least some of these new laptops will be announced at WWDC in June, according to Mark Gurman.

In his newsletter today, Gurman said the new MacBooks are likely to come to WWDC They will not include the M3 chip by Apple and instead will be powered by processors “in line with” the M2 chip. This information suggests that the 15-inch MacBook Air will be powered by the M2 chip, but it’s not entirely clear what that means for the next-gen 13-inch MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro means since these models are already equipped with the chip M2.

In addition, Apple is planning at least one release two new Mac Studio models, but they are hardly presented as early as June. In today’s newsletter, Gurman also touched on the Mac Studio briefly, with two new models on the way, the timing of which is still unclear. The reporter did not share any other details about the new models, so the technical specifications and release times remain unknown for the time being.

Apple released the Mac Studio and Studio Display in March 2022. The high-end desktop computer is available with Apple’s M1 Max and M1 Ultra chips. The high-end Mac Studio, powered by the M1 Ultra chip, is currently the fastest Mac ever released.

watchOS 10

watchOS 10

Finally, again according to Gurman, most software updates It will likely be incremental, with no major new features except for watchOS 10which could be “the biggest Apple Watch software update since the first version launched in 2015.”

watchOS 10 will therefore be the biggest update in the history of Apple Watches, with countless improvements and a completely updated interface. The reporter did not provide any further details.

Gurman then added that minimal hardware changes are expected for upcoming models Apple watchso watchOS 10 will be the big news in the lineup for 2023.

iOS 17 and iPadOS 17

iOS 17

As mentioned, according to Gurman Apple will not introduce many features in iOS 17but adds elements to the Loading apps from alternative stores.

In the case of iOS and iPadOS, Gurman writes that they probably won’t offer any major new features, but there will be minor improvements, including some user-requested features.

The main novelty will therefore be the possibility of having alternative app stores on iPhone and iPad, which Apple is forced to do due to the new European standards. It is not clear if this novelty will only be limited to the European market or whether it will nevertheless spread all over the world.

Finally, Gurman adds that iPad OS 17 It will apparently “lay the groundwork” for future iPad Pro models that will use OLED displays, without giving any further details.


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