MagSafe ring: how to transform any case

With the advent of more and more magnetic accessories, owning a MagSafe case has become practically essential. But those who have already purchased standard cases can easily convert them and make them compatible thanks to ESR’s universal MagSafe HaloLock ring.

How does the HaloLock MagSafe ring work?

This thin metal ring allows you Convert at least in one MagSafe caseThis makes the magnetic attachment to the accessory firm and secure. HaloLock Thanks to the powerful adhesive it is equipped with, it installs in seconds.

Installing the MagSafe ring requires just three simple steps:

  • Clean the cover with the enclosed cloth and dry it Magsafe ring
  • Position the guide sheet according to the iPhone model you have (it can also be installed on some Samsungs if desired). Halolock installation
  • Attach the ring to the place indicated by the guide and press so that the glue adheres wellHalolock installation

After a few minutes, the glue and the accessories are completely fixed MagSafe They can be correctly and securely hooked to the back of the cover, whether it’s a charger, mounts or the Apple Wallet.

The product is only compatible with PC or TPU cases without anti-slip or anti-fingerprint coating and requires the case is no thicker than 5mm Otherwise, the “expansion” of the MagSafe will not be optimal and the whole process will fail.

The ring can be safely removed from the case at any time, but cannot be reused as the adhesive strength is insufficient to ensure the same performance on a second use.

Works well? Very good!


Accessories compatible with MagSafe They hook securely and there is no risk of accidentally unhooking load happens right and the iOS animations remain fully functional, for example when connecting the MagSafe charger. However, attaching the ring to the back of the case doesn’t cause any problems with standard wireless mounts and the NFC chip still works fine with Apple Pay.

MagSafe ring

The only flaw we found is the absence of the vertical band, located lower than the ring, which risks the accessories rotating slightly without staying completely in line. Obviously, this is a defect that takes a backseat to the price and other benefits, but it’s still there and should be reported.

Basically, for around €10/12 you can upgrade two standard cases and make them fully compatible with MagSafe without having to spend much more to buy new MagSafe cases from Apple or other manufacturers.

Models and colors: There is something for every taste even for iPhones without MagSafe

MagSafe ring

In terms of models and colors, there are different solutions suitable for all types of cases, including transparent ones. HaloLock is available in different variants black and silver, Blue And Green. Also, no one forbids changing the cases for earlier iPhones with support for wireless charging that can be charged with MagSafe chargers and also supports other accessories. iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone 11 can also benefit from it and become more modern!

Buy HaloLock from ESR

ESR’s HaloLock is the MagSafe ring we’ve all needed. It turns any case into a MagSafe case with full support for all magnetic accessories without breaking the bank. Also compatible with select Android smartphones, this ring offers a firm grip and full support for magnetic and wireless charging.

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